About De Liefde Spiegel

De Liefde Spiegel (The Love Mirror) was founded by Maame Joses for colourful mothers with a big (business) dream or mission. This is the place where the love you give to the world is reflected back to you, as well as the wisdom inside you to deal with any challenge you face along the way. Like Whitney said: it’s all in you.

The award winning singer songwriter, stylist, business owner and mother has a deep love and dedication to the wellbeing, safety and freedom of women. Every love mirror is designed to help you see yourself and say ‘I love you’ to yourself and the people around you. Check out our sevices to learn more.

After looking into your love mirror, you are empowered with the reminder that you are love, and deserve to feel good above anything else. Talk about radical selfcare and deep, lasting impact right?!  Let Maame and her team celebrate and cheerlead you into the most loving perspective of yourself and let the world enjoy your gifts!


‘I have more time, more money, more space, more happiness.’

Addy van der Woude

Docter & mother of 2

I learned so much from all your lessons. They’re very practical. What I should pay attention to with my body shape, what colors suit me. Now I know what to look out for, it takes me less time and costs me less money. I have a system that keeps my closet organized. And I feel a lot better.

I’ve also become unapologetic about looking good. That is why I feel much better in my body, I’m happier as a person and I can be myself more freely in all my relationships. I’ve also learned that my talents are better expressed when I pay attention to them.

I’m also better at expressing myself to the people around me. For example, the song you wrote for my colleagues made them realize how much I appreciate them and what we have. Now they have something tangible to look back on, even if things aren’t going well. 

Both my anthems give me a sense of togetherness in my relationship, family and with my colleagues. My personal en professional visions came across beautifully with a song and video.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Maame!
Born in London, raised in Amsterdam. Studied acting in Brisbane. I got my chocolate complexion from my mother (Ghana) and father (Nigeria). When you see me walking down the street, I have a guitar on my back and a stylish teenager walking next to me. That is my daughter Yael, my love mirror who makes me laugh more than anyone else.

When we make music together at the kitchen table, I leave the dishes and my heart opens right up. I have the cutest cat in the world that’s destroying my house. My challenge is to make room for all my passions and to do 1 thing at a time.

I sing (The Voice), write songs (The Big Price) and for many years (Zalando) I dressed working mothers who want to feel comfortable in their own skin. What do all my products and services have in common? They help you to say “I love you” and “I see you” to yourself and others. By recognizing attention as your ultimate secret superpower. So I created The Love Mirror and brought everything I do together under this umbrella. I tell ya, it’s a frickn game changer.

As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing more important than loving with attention. I think love is what we are.
x maame

P.S. Attention as a superpower is a secret I accidentally discovered in a place where I felt like a completely failed mother: in a domestic violence shelter. I’m not claiming that a song or outfit can change your whole life… but I know what it means to me and my daughter when I give myself the attention I deserve. And I wish you that happiness too.

Are you ready for it? Contact me via the contact form or book a love mirror session and we’ll get started!